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SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Benefits

Also known as a Small Office/Home Office, SOHOs have seen major growth in the last decade.  SOHO business models allow for efficient use of time and money.  Most SOHOs are humble one-person operations ran inside the home, while others are small office environments with less than a dozen employees.  The physical size of the business is irrelevant when judging success, however.

Less is More

Streamlining business is the path to success in today’s economy.  Technology has brought us to an era that is more mobile and more efficient than ever before.  Smartphones lend access to every tool that a SOHO business could ever need for communication, data resources, storage, analytics, and more.  It is no longer necessary to have multiple departments within a large office space to run a business efficiently.  In fact, more employees on the payroll could actually bog-down workflow with unforeseen variables and/or beaurocratic elements.The SOHO strategy has enabled professionals to enter the market with their own small businesses; whether that be a simple service contracting related to a recent degree or new business idea that only needs the typical amount of online connections and staff to help run.  The growth of SOHO businesses is not completely out of necessity, it’s also because they actually work, for the amateur and professional.

The Many Perks

Saving earth

Those who work in a SOHO for the most part don’t need to invest hours driving to work each day. All that investing in just vehicle and transportation costs, both in-terms of time and money.  Then there is the lessened impact on the earth, which every little bit helps in this time of crisis.

Less diversion and anxiety

Working in a bustling office can be exceptionally distressing, particularly since most expansive organizations have since surrendered the idea of individual workspaces for representatives and have fully embraced the clinical cubical standard, along with those constant blinding lights.Studies have demonstrated that desk workers are the most disappointed with their workplaces. Loud workplaces can be extremely stressful for individuals who need to concentrate on assignments with upcoming deadlines to reach.


Working from home is substantially easier on the mind than working in a corporate office.  In the event that you choose to get up and work in your underwear or night robe throughout the day, you can.  On the off chance that you feel like listening to 80’s pop music, you can do as such without upsetting any other fellow employees.  In your own SOHO you have the flexibility to set up your office surroundings precisely the way you need, as opposed to conforming to the rigid measures of a company for everything from office furniture to the brand of beverages available.

Working for Yourself

A SOHO allows you a specific level of freedom, regardless of the whether you own the business or not. On the off chance that you need to make up for lost time with online networking amid the business day you can do as such without feeling like somebody is monitoring your space, like some creepy robot.

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