Ergotron WorkFit-TLErgotron WorkFit-TL

Ergotron WorkFit-TL – Standing Desk Workstation

WorkFit-TL transforms everyday offices into dynamic, active workspaces. This sit-stand desktop converter offers easy, crank-free height adjustment and holds up to 18.1 kg of office essentials on a large worksurface. It moves straight up and down for more stability and to keep your space, your space.



This ultra simple standing desk solution quickly converts a tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation. Simply place the WorkFit-T on an open surface and you’re ready
to work!
WorkFit-TL save space because they move straight up and down, always staying within the footprint of your desktop. The platform is extremely stable throughout its range of motion—one can freely lean on it while working without worry about tip or height-drop.


Product Features

  • Stable workstation sits right on top of most surfaces 61 cm deep or larger; no mounting or clamping required
  • System easily lifts straight up and down to minimize intrusion into the workspace
  • Ships fully assembled – no tool adjustments needed – making it easy to retrofit existing spaces
  • Provides 38 cm of easy height adjustment
  • Counterbalancing mechanism uses Constant Force™ technology to facilitate quick height adjustment; patent pending
  • Set one or two monitors or a monitor and laptop directly onto the worksurface; optional monitor kits sold separately
  • Keyboard moves in tandem with the worksurface and is positioned 11.4 cm below it


YouTube video


YouTube video

Additional information


33-406-062 (white), 33-406-085 (black)

Weight Capacity

4.5 – 18 kg


38 cm

Worksurface Dimensions

95 x 58.6 cm

Keyboard Dimensions

69 x 28 cm

Shipping Dimensions

107 x 85 x 21 cm

Shipping Weight

28.2 Kg


5 years

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Installation Manual